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Mesmerizing natural beauty, exotic landscapes, magnificent historical sites, golden beaches and misty mountain retreats – India the “land of all seasons” has it all. Blessed by the mighty Himalayas in the north to the stunning coastlines in the south, India holds a special position in the world of travel and tourism with its unmatched beauty and its rich cultural diversity.

Mera Travel provides vital information about major tourist destinations in India and also special interest tours like India pilgrimage tours, India adventure trekking tours, Goa beach tours, safari tours. From Agra well known for the legendary Icon of love – the “Taj Mahal” which is also one of the seven wonders of the world to Goa with it’s ravishing beaches, glistening sands, swaying coconut palms, fresh sea-food, it is also known as the “the pearl of the east”, India is a dream come true for every tourist. Have a look at the fabulous travel tour packages we have for you.


Mera Travels offers comprehensive international travel tour programs, that include luxurious accommodation reservation in international exotic destinations which is once-in-a-lifetime travel experience & fulfill the aspiration of most travelers who want to, visit all six continents in a lifetime. Each comprehensive itinerary travel package is very carefully designed to offer the best of its exotic destination. Include all the facilities that you want to be in your travel tour package like luxurious hotel reservation, travellers information guides, exotic destination places and memorable hospitality services.

Mera Travels offers travel to exotic destinations of world with special offers on a wide range of destinations. Whether its travel to Australia, a fascinating trip to Singapore, a trip to the shopping heaven of Dubai or a fascinating tour of Europe. We have the best hotel deals and great itineraries to offer you. From a customized travel itinerary to great consolidated packages, we take you to places around the world and give you the experience of a life time.

Mera Travels reputation is built on providing personal hospitality service, quality, value and a commitment to offer more than just museums and monuments. Our straight, flexible, honest approach to travel is our U.S.P.