Cargo Sales Agents

Cargo, CSA

Aerotrek International operates as Cargo Sales Agents for airlines and offers a full range of services on behalf of the airlines it represents. Aerotrek Cargo is committed to offering its cargo clients real time follow-up of cargo movements and improved track and trace capabilities from acceptance of shipments to delivery at the final destination.

Our adherence to the highest standards and performance evaluation in supplying advanced logistics solutions, reliable and measurable services and feasibly effective transportation programs enhances business opportunities for our clients.

Air France , Mahan Air, Finnair , Air India , Singapore Airlines Cargo, Qatar Airways , Swiss WorldCargo , Emirates, Uzbekistan Airways , Turkish Airlines , Aeroflot , KLM Cargo etc. A key factor in maintaining a consistently high degree of service is attributed to a combination of experience and professionalism.We are proud to represent the top airlines listed above, and to work diligently to assure them the best yield on each flight, and the best sales and customer service in the industry.